Weekly Painting Classes



Tuesdays 9:00-11:30am

Introducing our Basic Acrylic Painting Classes! This course will introduce students to the unique ‘forgiving’ qualities of acrylic paint! Start at the very beginning and learn about choosing paints and painting surfaces and how to make the most of your paint and brushes as you work. Basic color theory and color mixing will be explored as well as textures and techniques. Also incorporated drawing lessons on solid drawing and composition.

This course begins with important basics, then increases to technical skills for intermediate and advanced painting as you continue in your sessions. No requirements! That is except for some basic painting tools to start, like brushes, surfaces and paints.





This class, offered January 21st and January 28th, is designed to prepare you for the weekly Acrylics Basics classes starting in February. This is not a prerequisite but will give you a “head start” by thoroughly going over the supply list required for the weekly classes.

There will be discussions on the essentials needed and why and where to purchase them. We will also go over the the ever confusing brush selection offered at all art supply stores including what are the best shapes, sizes and brands. We will cover the various options for painting surfaces, color mixing and how to keep your paints from drying out.

Supplies will be provided in this class for a painting lesson on color.

Introduction to Weekly Acrylic Painting Basics:

Fall 2020 session dates and registration coming soon…


Weekly Acrylic Painting Basics:

Fall 2020 session dates and registration coming soon…


  • PAINT: Golden or Liquitex Brand – Cadmium yellow light, Cadmium yellow deep, Cadmium red medium, Quinacridone magenta, Ultramarine Blue (red shade), Phthalo blue (green shade), Raw Umber, Titanium white (large tube)
  • BRUSHES: Long handle Simply Simmons Synthetic Bristle Brushes (not regular bristle brushes) Size 16 Bright, Size 12 Bright, Size 6 Bright, Size 4 Round, Size 16 Round
  • PALETTE: 16″ Masterson Stay Wet Premier Palette, Stay Wet Palette Sheets (package of 30), Sponge Insert
  • CANVAS: Blick Studio Canvas Panels – these are a perfect blend of economy and quality – Package of 5, 8×10, Package of 5, 12×16
  • OTHER ITEMS: Paper Towels, Water containers (2), Spray bottle, Pencils, eraser + sharpener, Sketchbook, 9×12 spiral on the side



Wednesdays or Thursdays 9:00am-12:00pm

Botticelli classes provide the opportunity for professional art instruction to adult students who are serious about learning and studying art while advancing their skills through continuing education. Classes are for anyone who has always wanted to pursue painting and now has the time to sign up to begin the wonderful experience of creating art.


The Botticelli classes are held Wednesday and Thursday mornings, every week September-May. The course is designed for intermediate-advanced and will be structured to focus on new techniques and subjects monthly. Early registration for this class is important because class size is limited in order to give students needed individualized attention.


Course description: Students focus on the basics of drawing and painting in oils (acrylics are welcome too), getting familiar with supplies and understanding the medium. Students progress as they learn more about color, composition, design, brushwork and painting still life setups. Intermediate-advanced students are coached on their selected art pieces and studies.

Class size and availability is limited.


Wednesdays: September 2020 – May 2021: SOLD OUT

Thursdays: September 2020 – May 2021: SOLD OUT


Registration for this class is not available online.

Email info@carriecurranart.com to be placed on the waitlist for 2020/2021. Please let us know your preferred day, medium and a brief description of your experience. Carrie will be in touch August 2020 if space becomes available.


  • COLORS: Cadmium Yellow Medium; Cadium Lemon: Cadmium Red Light; Alizarin Crimson; French Ultramarine Blue; Cerulean Blue Hue: Viridian; Raw Umber; Titanium White. Professional grade preferred.
  • CANVAS: (2) 8” x 10”, (2) 9” x 12” (stretched or boards)
  • SKETCHBOOK, any size sketchbook, HB & 6B pencil, vine charcoal, kneaded eraser
  • BRUSHES: #2 Round; Filberts #2, #4, #6 & #8       (Bristle for oils and synthetic brushes for acrylics)
  • OTHER ITEMS: Palette, Medium palette knife; Paper towels; Odorless Turpenoid and container (for oil)

Dear Fellow Artist, Art Lover, Beginning Painter,
I love to teach. Helping another person to have that “aha” moment and inspiring them to do their art on a regular basis is my goal. Doing art, making art, comprises many facets. Do we want to paint still life, intimate landscape or portrait? Depending on which, how do we start, how do we keep colors lively, how do we use our brush as an extension of us? And then, after we have been painting for awhile, the other questions which begin to surface…how to stay excited, how to grow in our work, how to photograph art work, what about selling…lots to explore! The one ingredient that will be present in each of my classes is my passion to excite, motivate, and inspire others to find true joy in expressing life through painting!